Is Your Ring Catching On Your Clothing?

Does your gemstone ring ever catch fuzz from a sweater? Or your hair, or your pet’s hair? This means trouble for your setting. If your ring is catching anything like this, it means that a prong that holds the diamond or gemstone in your ring is lifting up and you are in danger of losing the gem. If you do not have your ring insured and if you prefer not to lose your gemstone, take the ring off, put it in a safe place and bring it to a jeweler that can actually work on your piece right away. Your diamond or gemstone rings need to be inspected by a jeweler every year to prevent a disaster. One of the worst things that could happen is for you to look at your ring and see that the diamond is gone. What a panic. This is preventable. The first indication of trouble is when you notice that hairs and fuzzy strands from your clothing are stuck on your ring. The jeweler should be able to look at your ring and discover which prongs need to have some attention. A couple of things can cause your problem. The easiest problem is that the prong has slightly lifted up from your gemstone. The jeweler should be able to push the prong back onto your gem. A more problematic situation is that the prong is wearing. This happens because we all love to wear our jewelry all the time. Gold and even platinum can microscopically wear away and compromise your prong. This can be repaired. The procedure is called re-tipping your prong. This is done in two ways. The older way of doing it is to lift the prong that is damaged. Solder more wire to your prong, trim it and then reset the diamond. A more secure way is to find a jeweler that would be able to laser weld more metal to the prong and then reset your gem. Using a laser welder eliminates the solder, which is a weaker metal, making your prong stronger and it will last longer. Please do have a jeweler that actually makes jewelry and sets gemstones take a look at your prongs once a year.

Platinum and diamond three stone ring