Winter Decorations December 2010 - January 2011

Winter Decorations front window of galleryIn October, Jessie and I began to brainstorm our December decorations for the gallery. We wanted to give a feeling of fantasy and softness to the space. We used bamboo to create our winter forest. We cut to length each piece of bamboo for our display. We had three boxes made to hold our winter forest. In each box we put our bamboo “trees”. Attached to each piece of bamboo we wired silver colored Christmas bulbs. Also in side each piece of bamboo we attached a small floral tube to hold water so that we can add our white flowers to simulate a growing tree. We used the flower “star of Bethlehem”. They last about three weeks and grow like a tree. In the front of the store we place our boxes, one in front of the gallery window case and one box on either side of the case. In these we put 200 mini lights and covered with the soft fabric simulating snow. In the two cases on either side of the showcase we put the bamboo trees. We carried the theme through out the store adding some taller bamboo trees behind the showcases in the store and hung the fabric from floor to ceiling in a few places, creating the softness reminiscent of a new fallen snow. We carried the theme into the front showcase by adding more mini lights covered with fabric, adding some shorter bamboo for display. We have received numerous complements almost daily from many people in town, saying we have given our town a cosmopolitan feel!Winter Decorations close up of front window