Transition To Winter Fashion Forecast


Fall is quickly fleeting and I can’t believe that it is time dig out my winter wardrobe! Dressing for cold weather doesn’t mean looking dowdy. And it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t be warm and fashionable simultaneously.

Many trends gallivanting the runways are showing proof! The transition from fall to winter can be unpredictable in terms of temperature, so here are some fun looks to rock before the mercury drops:

• Shorts with tights or leggings: This can be a very young look if you’re not careful. Use shorts made of tweed, satin and other chic fabrics (be weary of khaki and light colored pieces). Boyfriend style denim shorts can be a sophisticated look if matched with a blazer or velvet smoking jacket.

• Wool blended floppy hats: A look that goes unrivaled. Choose a black or burgundy shade with a subtle bow or ribbon. Be sure the brim is not too wide, its intent is to keep you warm, not block out the sun or prohibit your vision!

• Leather: Shorts, leggings and motorcycle jackets are showing up, but be sure to pair with something feminine, i.e. lace or romantic floral patterns. Leather can be masculine and you don’t want to look like a biker! Military coats are a staple (still) and by historical standards seem to be a lasting piece, one worth investing in.

The latest in fashion jewelry is filigree flowers made of all different metals with interesting stone placements. This polish can transition into a hairpiece!

If I were to neglect mentioning boots, Liz, our house boot aficionado would be most disappointed! From colorful wooden Swedish clog styles to classic riding boots, almost all designs are of relevance. Calf length, ankle booties, wedge, over the knee, this season seems to be a free for all. Which means your existing boot collection is totally acceptable.

Lastly, a reinvented look of the always-polished string of pearls is finally here! Being seen mixed with edgy chains i.e. Chanel, raw crystals and interesting metal beads, pearls of all colors and shapes are proving a strong movement. I hope this has been insightful whilst choosing your outfits weather accordingly! Stay tuned for a mid-winter fashion update!

South Sea Black Pearls Sourrounded by Petals of Diamonds