Summer Fashion

Summer Fashion!!!

First of all, the 90’s have somehow returned. I’ve seen denim vests, muted colored floral jeans, overalls, midriff baring tops, rompers, oversized sweaters, and Keds! While said styles are not for everyone (and not always flattering) there is some sort of 90’s resurgence style to befit everyone, in order keep up with the times. 

Secondly, while bumming around the west coast this winter, I discovered Forever 21 and H&M to be of a great advantage in the department of inexpensive and trendy pieces. I recommend not spending too much on styles that will quickly become passé. And after week six of sporting the same rotation of outfits that I had crammed into my singular suitcase, economical clothes shopping made for an awesome wardrobe replenishment.

In other news, summer is always a time for bright colors. I’m obsessed with chartreuse (the color of Mahi Mahi, antifreeze and  a certain liqueur). Whites are always fresh. Flowy skirts, tie-dye and anything in Santorini blue. We love summer fashion, take advantage of the warm weather! 

A couple of pieces of Murano glass just perfect for the summer.