History of Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day: A Short History

I often wonder what the origin of Valentine’s Day is, because it seems to have become strictly consumer based. It is not factually clear as to what exactly birthed this holiday of love. It began in Ancient Rome with the martyred saints Valentinus or Valentine. During the reign of Claudius II, a law was put into action that single men were not to marry until after serving as soldiers. Saint Valentine supposedly performed marriages for young men secretly, defying the emperor. This act of love in Rome has resulted in a mass-marketing holiday in which related merchandise appears in stores almost before Christmas is even over.It seems that a shred of the derivation of the holiday still remains. What is most important is to express love at all times, even on February 14. 

Our Favorite Love Stories

This time of year is often when many celebrate love. My personal favorite love story is not a movie but a classic , written by Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary. Liz has a hard time deciding between An Affair to Remember and the more recent classic, Sixteen Candles.  Nora’s favorite is The Notebook. Though we have different tastes, we can all agree that this is one of the most touching and unique love stories we’ve ever come across.