Fashion Color Forecast

We seem to be in the grasp of an exceptionally frigid winter, (here in New England) so it’s quietly delightful to explore the current trend in jewelry, magnificent colors! I favor yellow. Here’s why: it looks good with everything, including most other colors. And right now it’s all the rage on the runways. Yellow diamonds, of course are mostly out of the average Joe’s price range, but you can find comparable sapphires. Orange is a nice change of pace as well, given its lack of popularity in jewelry in the past. Of course pink and blue have always had their place, and they come in stones all of types and price ranges. Opals offer fantastic color combinations and are mostly affordable. TMD boasts an array of colorful gems. Here are some photos

Lemon yellow sapphire

Orange Garnet

Pink Tourmaline

Blue Sapphire


 Yowah Opals

Orangey Purple Sapphire