Fall Back: Autumn Days are Here Again




It’s the first day of fall and we couldn’t be more excited to start layering our clothes, cuddling our loved ones for warmer toes and of course seeing the leaves changing color.

Leaf peeping season is upon us and it’s always a wondrous thing to see the outdoors come to life and mirror colors of gemstones. Being in a design environment, when we look out our gallery windows we don’t just see beautiful reds, oranges and yellows bursting from the branches of our trees! We see deep pigeon blood red rubies, opaque orange citrines and shimmering yellow sapphires blowing in the breeze.


Some of the most exquisite designs by Nora and Thomas Michaels reflect this, but don’t take our word for it, head on over to the signature collections are of our website, or better yet, stop in our Camden gallery right in the heart of Maine’s fall foliage!