Beach Reading

Lounging around in the sun can feel somewhat productive if you've got a great read. Here are some of our favorites for a lax beach session.
Paige has started High Tide At Noon, the first of Elizabeth Ogilvie's Tide Trilogy. The series takes place on a fictitiousBennett's Island, which is based on the island of Criehaven, the furthest inhabited island off of Maine and the east coast. Paige is a Crie, her descendants bought and established the island in 1849. 

Alana suggests Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquirel. One young women's self-discovery of herself through cooking.

Nora  recomends The Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon.  An action packed historical novel love story, it is a series of seven books and the newest will be out in the fall.

Thomas' favorite is The Girl that Kicked The Hornet's Nest.  A thriller series utilizing modern technology