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Fall in the Midcaost 2015

Now that we have had our first frost, fall is officially here. We are hoping for Indian Summer.

There are many things to do while enjoying our last blast of color for the season.

Many oppurtunities for cooking with area chefs. One of my favorites is Michael Salmon of the Heartsone Inn. In November and early December.

Fall Fashion 2015

Fall is upon us. The trees are beginning their wonderous change.  The Fall Fashion colors are spectacualar as well.

June in the Midcoast

Summer has finally arrived. After the long winter we want to enjoy every second of it. Here are some fun things to do this month.

Cooking classes at the Harstone Inn.

Blizzard 2015

The fun never starts. Plenty of snow for Camden Winterfest and the Toboggan Nationals!


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