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Airport Ad

We have such a diverse population of people in Maine, we have found it is difficult to reach them all effectively via traditional media outlets.  In addition, we have thousands of visitors visiting our state every year. We have found that advertising in the Portland airport is great at reaching a broad demographic.  Nearly everyone who travels in and out of the state by air travels through the jetport.  We created a flash presentation that plays over all of the terminals in the baggage claim area.

Platinum three stone

Three stone diamond platinum ring with cushion cut and pear cut side diamondsEvery time Thomas gets close to finishing a piece, there's definitely an air of anticipation among the rest of us!.

First Spring in Our New Store

Thomas Michaels Designers gallery interior, feature wall and flat screenWe're excited to welcome our first spring in our new location at 11 Elm Street in Camden Maine. For those who have not yet visited our new gallery, we encourage you to stop by and see our expanded space and new designs.


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