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Mother's Day Ideas

Mother’s Day Blog 


Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Now is the time to be thinking of the perfect gift for the most special lady in your life.

At Thomas Michaels Designers, we have many elegant as well as affordable options. Check out some of our pieces that any mother will be sure to love! And stop by our gallery to see even more!

What are Diamond and Gemstone Certificates

A diamond certificate is a written professional gemological report from an accredited laboratory that explains and describes all of a diamond's attributes. This includes the information on the diamond such as its shape, measurements, diameter, length, width, weight, depth percentage, table percentage relative to the diameter, girdle characteristics, culet description, polish and symmetry conclusions, clarity, color, and fluorescence. A certificate also contains a front and back diagram of the diamond with a plot of its inclusions.

The certificate is like a record of the diamond's pedigree and it is your assurance that you are in fact receiving the diamond you have so carefully chosen. The certificate will also include the date, name and address of the laboratory and a certificate number that is registered in the database of that lab.

Is Your Ring Catching On Your Clothing?

Does your gemstone ring ever catch fuzz from a sweater? Or your hair, or your pet’s hair? This means trouble for your setting. If your ring is catching anything like this, it means that a prong that holds the diamond or gemstone in your ring is lifting up and you are in danger of losing the gem. If you do not have your ring insured and if you prefer not to lose your gemstone, take the ring off, put it in a safe place and bring it to a jeweler that can actually work on your piece right away. Your diamond or gemstone rings need to be inspected by a jeweler every year to prevent a disaster.


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