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Dramatic Setting for Emerald Cut Bi-Color Green Tourmaline

 This piece is a recent adaptation of one of our hallmarked original innovations.
The tourmaline set in this ring is a rare bi-color chrome tourmaline that shows two distinct colors.  The rarity is due to how the color gradates and shifts in the gem.

Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond set in Traditional Three Stone Ring


 Check out this entirely handmade Platinum and 18KT Yellow Gold and diamond ring.


In addition to our innovative and contemporary designs, we also build hand-fabricated pieces that are reminiscent of the fine jewelry that was manufactured at the turn of the last century.

Ruby, Diamond and Gold Archtypal Ring

We always enjoy creating pieces that have a sense of ancient tradition and style. This “cigar” ring is such a piece. The “Cigar” ring is named since it is reminiscent of a fine cigar band or label on the cigar. This is an entirely hand fabricated ring using the same techniques that jewelers would have used in ancient Rome. Each piece of metal was made separately and soldered together. The bezels around the ruby and diamonds are 14kt yellow gold attached to a domed 14KT white gold ring that has a soft finished texture.

Fall Fashion Forecast

With the denouement of summer nearing and Autumn fast approaching, now is the time to be scoping out staples for your Fall wardrobe. 

In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with investing in classic pieces in neutral tones.  However, this Fall we are seeing classic pieces in dark teal, burnt orange (well accompanied with navy), burgundy and other deep, warm colors (mustard hues, believe it or not) for the season of sweater weather.  An investment in colorful staples doesn’t seem like such a bad idea!


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