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Quebec City, a city for foodies

A little more on our trip to Quebec City. The old city is known for its food. Every place we ate was wonderful. Meals were lucious and not rushed. A delightful way to spend some time with friends. We did make sure we had three meals a day so we did  justice to sampling what Quebec City has to offer.

Quebec City, a quick get-away

Thomas and I did a quick trip to Quebec City, about a 5  hour drive from Camden. We stayed in the old city, enjoying the architecture, food and shopping. It's a delight to walk around both day and night. We took a horse drawn carriage ride around the city the first day and got the lay of the land as well a bit of the history.

Fall Farmer's Market in the Midcoast

 The Fall is an excellent time to visit our Farmer's Markets. These delightful treats can be found in either the Belfast market on Fridays and the Camden Marked on Saturdays.



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