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Fall Back: Autumn Days are Here Again




It’s the first day of fall and we couldn’t be more excited to start layering our clothes, cuddling our loved ones for warmer toes and of course seeing the leaves changing color.

Fireworks, Diamonds in the Sky and All Things Fourth of July

Things are finally heating up here in Midcoast Maine and what better way to kick off the official summer weather than with all things that shimmer, sparkle and shine?  No we’re not just talking about our exquisite designs. Thanks to America’s Independence day, you can enjoy fireworks all along the coast throughout the long weekend. 


Maine Maple Sunday

March is well known for it’s St. Patrick’s day fun but here in Midcoast Maine we also love it because it means international Maple Month! And what better way to celebrate than gearing up for Maine Maple Sunday March 26th? Check out the event site here, All About That Maine Maple, to find all of the locally particpating maple producers. 

Fun in February (Maine’s Midcoast MardiGras!)

One of the things we love about Maine is the wintry splendor that occurs throughout the chilly months of December-March. Covering towns in glorious blankets of shimmering snow and glistening icicle. Camden is no exception and even has a celebration for all things ice, snow and of course toboggans.



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